4-pack Mini's- Shirley Temple (50ml)

4-pack Mini's- Shirley Temple (50ml)


4-pack Mini's- Shirley Temple (50ml)M4S: 4-pack mini shirley temple (2x pink lemonade, 2x ginger)


Did you know when Oscar-winning child Hollywood star, Shirley Temple, attended all the celebrity events and needed a glamorous alcohol-free mocktail, they created the

Shirley Temple’ mocktail - combine GUDGU Pink Lemonade and Ginger Cordials with sodawater and garnish with a mint sprig and strawberry.  

Pink Mojito - Make a Pink Mojito with GUDGU Pink Lemonade Cordial, vodka, gin or rum, soda water, fresh mint, lemon or lime slices and a small red chilli or sliced strawberry. 

Ginger Twist - GUDGU Ginger Cordial, vodka, soda water, garnish with lemon slices, a quarter strawberry and/or pomegranate pips, and a pineapple slice.