50ml Mini Ginger Sugar Free Cordial

50ml Mini Ginger Sugar Free Cordial


50ml Mini Ginger Sugar Free Cordial - MGG


Enjoy as a refreshing coldrink, or as a GUDGU Cocktail or Mocktail - make a "Ginger Twist": GUDGU Ginger Cordial, soda water, lemon slice,a quarter strawberry, garnish with mint pineapple and lemon. Add gin, rum or vodka.ShirleyTemple GUDGU 2 parts Pink Lemonade Cordial, 1 part GUDGU Ginger Cordial, garnish with lemon slices, a quarter strawberry and/or pomegranate pips, and a pineapple slice. Add vodka or gin

ingredients: water, xylitol, citric acid, strawberry flavour, stevia, sodium benzoate.


warning: excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.  


allergens: none. 

shake well - refrigerate after opened