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The History of GUDGU

In the annals of entrepreneurial tales, the story of GUDGU stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to health-conscious living. It all began when Viljoen de Kock found himself without a corporate job. With the bills looming, he turned to crafting concentrates with the hope of making a living while job-hunting. However, his initial venture into cordials, nameless and laden with sugar, proved to be a bitter start.

Everything changed on a serendipitous day, October 4th, 2014, when Viljoen met Pieter du Plessis, a Marketing and PR expert. Instantly clicking, Pieter saw the potential in the cordials. He provided a new identity for the brand, encapsulating its essence with the acronym GUDGU, standing for "goedheid uit die grond uit," which translates to "goodness from the earth" in English.

Together, they began their journey, starting with informal markets where they crafted drinks using the cordials to introduce and sell their products. The response was heart-warming; people not only loved the cordials but also embraced the brand. Word of mouth turned curious customers into dedicated patrons, and GUDGU's popularity soared.

The turning point came when a diabetic customer expressed his admiration for the product but lamented the high sugar content. This feedback was the catalyst for innovation. GUDGU embarked on a mission to create a healthy, sugar alternative with zero aftertaste aptly named "Sug0," signifying zero guilt and zero sugar.

Business boomed, and GUDGU's unique offering carved a niche in the market. Retail shop owners tasted and noticed the cordials' success at markets and began ordering for their shops. Irene Farm Stall in Irene, Pretoria, became the first retail shop to stock GUDGU products, setting the stage for further expansion. Today, GUDGU products grace the shelves of over 600 retail shops across South Africa.

Despite challenges, including relocating their factory from Pretoria to Cape Town and navigating the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, GUDGU thrived. They launched a smaller bottle size and swiftly adapted to the changing market dynamics. Winning 1 million rand in the Engen Pitch and Polish competition marked a significant milestone, enabling them to establish a proper factory and attain food safety certification (ISO 22000).

The Checkers SMME program and the Food Lovers Seeds of Change programs further propelled GUDGU to new heights. They secured contracts with Checkers and Food Lovers Market, with plans to expand nationally in the near future. Partnerships with distributors in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng have taken their products even further.

Notably, GUDGU's dedication to health-consciousness paid off when they obtained certification as 100% sugar-free and healthy. This achievement prompted a revamp of their labels to meet South African label regulations, scheduled for rollout on 1 September 2023.

Through every twist and turn of their journey, GUDGU remained grateful for their loyal customers, whose unwavering support has been the cornerstone of their success. From struggles to triumphs, GUDGU's story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs, illustrating how passion, innovation, perseverance , and commitment to health can lead to sweet success in the world of sugar-free cordials.

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