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GUDGU (Goedheid Uit Die Grond Uit) is a proudly South African company that manufactures sugar and sugar free cordials that are alcohol free.

Our products are hand-made, the traditional way, packed with flavour, and contain only the best quality ingredients. 

Dilute GUDGU cordials 1:6 (or to taste) with water, sparkling water or soda water to make a refreshing cold drink, a GUDGU Cocktail or Mocktail, or just to flavour your water with.


Our sugar free cordials are:
    1. Vegan friendly
    2. Sugar Free
    3. Diabetic friendly
    4. Perfect for Health and fitness conscious 
    5. Low Carb
    6. Keto friendly
    7. Banting friendly
    8. Paleo friendly
    9. Gluten Free
    10. ADHD friendly
    11. Autism friendly


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