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What should I know about Xylitol contained in your sugarFREE Cordials?

Again, Please note that we use a Xylitol & Steviol extract blend and our carb count is lower than Xylitol on its own.

At GUDGU we always strive to deliver only the best to our fans, and we make sure our products deliver what they promise on the labels. 

Our sugarFREE Cordials are very concentrated. One only needs very little of that product to give your favourite drinks that flavour explosion people love, ensuring value for money too. 

Xylitol does have side effects on some users if they use too much. 

GUDGU always strives to follow label legislation and that is why Xylitol is mentioned in our ingredient list. It is not legislation to mention all the benefits or side effects of Xylitol, as our product is not classified as a pharmaceutical product. 

Xylitol is generally well tolerated, but some people do get digestive side effects when they consume too much. 
In one clinical study, subjects consumed an average of 1,5kg of Xylitol per month, with a maximum daily intake of over 400g without any negative effects. 

The body seems to adjust very well to Xylitol if you ramp up your intake slowly and give your body time to adjust, then the chances are you will not experience any negative effects. 

If you want to sweeten something, Xylitol is an excellent choice. Whereas the debate on most sweetners is about whether they will harm you or not, the studies show that Xylitol has actual health benefits. 

It doesn't spike blood sugar or insulin, it starves the plaque producing bacteria in the mouth, and feeds the friendly microbes in the intestine. 

What more could you possibly ask for in a sweetner?

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