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What is your total glycaemic carbohydrate content of your sugarFREE cordials?

Our total glycaemic carbohydrate content per one 30ml serving (1 tot) concentrate cordial syrup is 1,0g. (1 tot = 1,0g making one glass of coldrink)
Please note that we use a Xylitol & Steviol extract blend and our carb count is lower than Xylitol on its own.
Xylitol is a sugar alcohol which is banting and diabetes approved. Our product does not contain any fructose.
A common mistake banters / low-carb dieters make is that they can eat as much of everything as they like as long as it says banting or low-carb. The banting lifestyle is low carbs high fat based. 
It is important to know how to calculate the glycemic load of food.
The glycemic load uses a specific calculation. So as long as you know the glycemic index of a food and the grams of available carbohydrates (total carbohydrate minus fiber) in that food, you can figure out that food's glycemic load. Here's the calculation:
Glycemic index x Grams of carbohydrates / 100
Try working out the calculation for a 1/2-cup serving of raw carrots, which have about 8.6 grams of available carbohydrates and a glycemic index of 45. (Note: Numbers are rounded for simplicity's sake. Feel free to do the same in your own calculations.)
45 x 8.6 = 387 / 100 = 3.9 glycemic load
Knowing how to calculate the glycemic load of a food is great, but it's not quite enough. The end measurement is what's most important to know. Similar to the glycemic index, the glycemic load is measured as low, medium, and high, rankings that help you determine your best choices for realistic portion sizes.
The measurements for glycemic load are as follows:
Low: 10 or less
Medium: 11 to 19
High: 20 or more
Our Pink Lemonade and Lemonade contains 100% pure lemon juice which is totally acceptable for banters and diabetics alike. In fact it lowers blood sugar levels.

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